Workbook 82/82 - Land degradation neutrality

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Land degradation—the deterioration or loss of the productive capacity of the soils for present and future—is a global challenge that affects everyone through food insecurity, higher food prices, climate change, environmental hazards, and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Land being a limited resource, its optimal use is necessary. 2021-2030 is touted as the UN decade of degradation restoration. India too has set up really ambitious targets.
Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
Mains Work Book No.82 - Land Degradation Neutrality-converted (1).pdf (311 KB)

Good intro. Nice diagram. You nee to work on structure. Way forward would have been better sub-heading. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice diagram. Be innovative with sub-headings. Question mentions examine, you have to provide few shortcomings in plan as well. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice structure. In way forward you should have mentioned India’s net neutrality targets. You should have mentioned unccd, bonn challenge etc. in your answer. Keep practicing.

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Good intro. Nice structure. You didn’t mentioned how land degradation occurs. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.