Workbook 77/80 - Pandemic and Children

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Children are the workforce of future. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to categorize them as a resource. This phenomenon is known as demographic dividend. India is much blessed with this when the whole world is aging. But with this comes the huge responsibility to provide them with ample skills and knowledge to cope with future and take care of elderlies. But the current pandemic has hit these efforts in worse possible way.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
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Good intro. Nice structure. Good content. You need to be smart with your choice of headings and sub-headings. Keep practicing.

Apt intro. Nice structure. Good content. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Try to be innovative with structure of the answer. All dimensions of question has been identified well. Keep practicing.

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Intro can be better. You should have started with census data. Points format should be preferred if you have sure shot knowledge. It is both time and space saving. You need to mentions govt. Interventions as well. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. The question mentions the word ‘discuss’, you need to mention various dimensions like state of child before pandemic, impacts of pandemic, how they can be alleviated and what govt. is doing followed by a way forward. Points approach is appropriate for 10 markers as they are both time and space saving. Keep practicing.

I believe, census data mentioned related to children. As u said…noted…to add child act art 24, labour act and pencil portal.

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Intro can be better. Good structure. You need to provide some active govt. initiatives other than constitutional articles. Keep practicing.

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Intro can be better. Good examples. Flow chart is ok. Keep practicing.

Should I mention government measure separately or like with in answer can i quote some measures?

Better to quote it separately if you know few…otherwise mix it up in the answer.

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