Workbook 76/80 - Bio-fuels

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Biodiesel is a liquid fuel produced from renewable sources, such as new and used vegetable oils and animal fats and is a cleaner-burning replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel. One of the important agenda of this government has been to make India climate neutral. So, bio-fuel is one of the ways to achieve the goal. But the sentiment in the economy has not been too optimistic about it.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
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Good intro. Nice structure and apt use of diagram. All dimensions of question has been identified well. Another dimension of ‘future in India’ can also be added. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice structure and apt use of diagram. Keep practicing.

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Apt intro. Good examples. Flow chart can be better. Keep practicing.

Good intro. To the point content. You need to work on structure. Add more headings, sub-headings in the answer. Apt way forward. Keep practicing.

Satisfactory intro. All dimensions of question has not been identified well. You need to read and revise more on the topic. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice structure. Good content. Try to stick to word limit. Keep practicing.

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Good intro. Nice structure. You didn’t explore the word feasibility. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

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