Workbook 74/80 - Child Labor

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Nothing can be worse than stealing a childhood from a child. This not only affects his future prospects but also his mental and cognitive conditions. According to the ILO, there are around 12.9 million Indian children engaged in work between the ages of 7 to 17 years old. In India, different laws define a child differently. This creates a conundrum for judiciary to adjudicate on such matters. Thus, it is a matter of immediate concern.
Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
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Good intro. Attempt is poor. You cannot suggest MGNREGA to tackle child labor. You have to ist mention the reasons for child labor - impacts - solutions - wayforward. Keep practicing.

Intro is not good. Good structure and flow chart. You can’t recommend MGNREGA to tackle child labor. You missed the dimension of impacts of child labor. Keep pr

Good intro. Good structure and points. MGNREGA is not the way to tackle child labor, its for unemployment in general. You missed to mention issue which leads to child labor. Keep practicing.

Good intro. It is better to show some problem being solved or created through some initiative in a flow chart. All dimensions of question has not been identified well. Spare time to read the question. Keep practicing.

Good intro. All dimensions of question has been identified well. Good structure. Keep practicing.

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You should have started with the definition of child labor. Stick to the word limit. A 10 markers doesnot require such nuances, please be straightforward. Your points at times have been vague and off-topic. Flow chart is not up to the mark. Please read more on topic. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice structure. Good points. Keep practicing.

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Good intro. Be smart with your writing. The question focuses on pandemic, make sure your answer too surrounds it. Keep practicing.

child labour.pdf (4.7 MB) sir please correct my answer.