Workbook 73/80 - Vaccine hesitancy

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Vaccine is the most prompt cure of any disease. What it does is it empowers our own immune system to negate the effects of sickness. Moreover the power to do so is memorized by the body which helps in nullifying the later propagations. Although there are many benefits of vaccines but they do come with some side-effects which are easy to treat. For some consideration these side-effects leads to their rebuttal of the vaccination. This phenomenon is termed as vaccine hesitancy.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
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Good intro. Nice presentation. You missed the dimension of implications of vaccine hesitancy. Cite some credible solutions from some report or study. Keep practicing.

Good intro. All dimensions of question has been identified well. The implications that you wrote felt like manufactured. Please read on the topic more. Provide some credible solutions to tackle it as well. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice presentation. You missed the dimension of implications of vaccine hesitancy. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice presentation. Interesting choice of format. Try to stick to word limit. Keep practicing.

Intro is not that good. Examples need to be better and in context. Flow chart is below-par. Work hard and smart and read more on topic. Keep practicing.

Introduction is bit too much stretched. Please make sure to highlight the sub-headings by way of underlining. Be innovative with sub-headings and always stick to the point. Stick to the word limit. Keep practicing.

Question is about vaccine hesitancy, so a simple definition of it would have been sufficient for intro. You need to stick to word limit or else you won’t be able to complete the paper. Your answer is nuanced, you need to concentrate it within 150 words. Keep practicing.

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Good intro. All dimensions of question has not been identified well. Please use better loght to click pictures. Read the above responses and feedbacks, they’ll help you to craft your answer. Keep practicing.

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Sir please correct my answer.

Intro can be better. You need to work on structure. All dimensions of question have not been identified well. An answer either needs a conclusion or a way forward, writing both is wasting the space and word limit. Keep practicing.