Workbook 61/80 - Pseudo - Science

Hey Students!

Anything that isn’t backed with the proof of scientific research or a scientific fact can be categorized as pseudo-science. The menace is ever increasing in India and world as more and more public figures uphold the baseless statements either from mythology or manufactured themselves. People tend to believe them more readily due to the influence of people stating the fact or the way the baseless statement provides them with hope of curing the incurable.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
Mains Work Book No.61 - pseudo science.pdf (645.1 KB)

Good intro. Nice use of diagram. Use bit formal way to answer. Question had potential for use of line diagrams. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Good structure. Satisfactory conclusion. Cite some credible solutions for tackling the problem. Keep practicing.

pseudoscience.pdf (6.3 MB)

Good intro. Suitable examples. Good flow chart. Way forward could have been better. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice format. Your answer is very generic. As a civil servants you are supposed provide examples and solutions with factual backings and credibility. You need to read and revise more on the topic. Devote time to read the question and try to create dimensions which you can relate with the question. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Please work on structure and tidy up your writing a bit. A proper sub-heading for solutions should have been created. Keep practicing.