Workbook 56/80 - Space Junk

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More than 23,000 known man-made fragments larger than about 4 inches, which is a little wider than two golf balls across, zip around our planet. But those are just the pieces large enough to track. Dangerous are the smaller pieces. The momentum possessed by them is enough to derail any outgoing shuttle. Thus the situation needs more attention than it is given.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
Mains Work Book No.56 - space junks-converted (1).pdf (1.3 MB)

Intro can be better. All key words have been identified well. Good example. Maintain coherence in your sentences. Satisfactory flow chart. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Good example. Flow chart can be better. Provide some credible solutions. Keep practicing.

Be more precise with your words in the intro. You need to discuss some of the recent events regarding it. You also need to specify the Indian take on the issue. An answer either needs a wayforward or a conclusion, writing both is waste of time. Keep practicing.

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Uploading: space junk.pdf… space junk.pdf (3.1 MB) sir please correct my answer.

Introduction is good but is bit stretched. Good example and apt flow chart. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Good examples. Satisfactory flow chart. Keep practicing.