Understanding Conspiracy

Hey students!
Over past few months we have been listening to the news related to fetching conspiracy against the state. This has been invoke in the wake of ongoing farmers protest and a toolkit shared on the Twitter.

This is a beautiful on all the provision of IPC related to conspiracy.

Please analyse it tell what are the positive and negative aspects of these provisions.(10 marks, 150 words)

Criminal Conspiracy .pdf (819.9 KB)

Please evaluate it sir. ipa section.pdf (5.0 MB)

Criminal conspiracy (1).pdf (651.3 KB)

Nicely attempted question Shilpa. Keep it up. Try to include more points when analysing both aspects.


Good efforts. Try to include more points and explain the articles a bit.


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Include more points and give a conclusion. Don’t end answer abruptly. Keep practising.


Actually I had a doubt like,after intro can we just take up directly with positive and negative impact or we should proceed bid with some recent news then go to impacts.

You can directly address as positive and negative after the introduction. Recent news can be summed up in the intro itself

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