Topic 6/50 - Cyber Security in India

Hey Students!

Today’s interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Kindly checkout this workbook to know about the challenges in ensuring cyber security in India and the measures taken at the domestic and global level.

Kindly attempt the workbook questions.

Note - please post your answer under the given topic. Don’t post as a different category as it creates confusion. All answers will be reviewed by tomorrow night.

Mains Work Book No.6 - Cyber Security in India.pdf (1.3 MB)

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nice presentation efforts. Try to keep an intro related to the term cybersecurity. You have told how many incidences of cyber threats are increasing. Instead, you should tell what is cyber security and why it is required.

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very nice efforts. An accurate introduction and apt headings with innovative presentation. Keep it up.

A simple and apt introduction with good effort towards presentation. Keep it up. Keep practising.

Okay sir, I’ll look over it. Thank you


Is these introduction okay sir??