Topic 45/50 - Uniform Civil Code

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Uniform civil code is set of personal laws which are uniformly applicable to all citizens irrespective of their faith. Personal laws comprise of marriage – divorce laws, adoption and maintenance laws etc. UCC is mentioned in Art 44 of Indian constitution. Most of the western countries follow these codes to maintain a basic set of uniformities to deal with heterogeneities of the society. Currently Goa is the only state to follow it in India.

Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
Mains Work Book No.45 - Uniform Civil Code.pdf (658.6 KB)

Good introduction. Flow chart could have been better and use of a comparison table to provide infavour and off favour arguements could have been made. All dimensions of question have been identified well. Could have cited some western country where it is functioning well. Flow chart could have been better. Overall a good attempt. Keep practicing.

Suitable intro, UCC is single set of laws not single law. All dimensions of question have been identified well. Answer had potential for flow charts and comparison tables. Overall a good attempt. Keep practicing.

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Nice attempt. Keep up the good work.

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Introduction can be better. Good example. Flow chart needs to be better. In flow chart you could have mentioned how it can solve myriads of problems currently prevailing due to multiplicity of laws. Keep practicing.

Suitable intro. Good example. Satisfactory flow chart. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Good structure. Suitable use of comparison table. Good conclusion. Try to stick to word limit. Please complete the exercises given in the workbook as well. They are for your benefit only. Keep practicing.