Topic 3/50 - Social Media Code

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We have earlier talked about the social media code framed by the Australian government to make social media agencies to frame contact with news agencies. Kindly attempt the workbook questions.

Work Book No.3 (04-03-2021).pdf (1.4 MB)

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Very good case study observation sweeny. Keep it up. Under intro try to keep it simple to define democracy and media. Afterwards in next line you can give your analogy which you have given. Keep practising.

Very nice attempt. You have amply highlighted the pros and cons of guidelines. Try to keep intro simple like after telling the article 19 just you can say that media acts a fourth pillar and social media is emerging as a strong voice for the people. Keep practising.

Very nice attempt. Try to keep intro simple as independent media is the bedrock for pursuing true democracy as it enforce right to expression under article 19 of the constitution. Examiner want to know your understanding not the fancy lines. Keep intro simple. Keep practising.

Very nice observance of the case study. Intro is also simple and good. Try to include articles under intro which embolden right to expression. Keep it up. Keep practising.

Very nice attempt. Try to polish the introduction by including article 19 and freedom of expression given by founding fathers. Keep practising.

A good attempt. Try to keep the intro short and simple as freedom of expression is there under the constitution and independent media helps in enforcing that. Keep practising.

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Sir i have doubt like, whenever any incident or news comes up ,which really needs a call to look up in our Constitution. Should we relate the article or any provision of Constitution in intro to???.

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