Topic 27/50 - Decentralization and Panchayati Raj Institutions

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The basic requirement of development is financial autonomy. As we know India is one entity divided into sub-parts for the purpose of administration, each sub-part has its own challenges and needs. Finance commission ensures that they have financial might to face them. Lately its formula of devolution has been under the scanner. Please go through the workbook and answer the required question accordingly:
Work Book No.27 - Decentralization and PRIs.pdf (2.8 MB)


Good intro. It can become better by adding few lines about origin of finance commission. Dimensions of question has been identified well, but you missed 15th fc successes. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

Intro can better. Make sure that you donot make much grammatical mistakes. You need to work on structure and try to come up with innovative headings and sub-headings. Try to add line diagrams, comparison table. Cite credible suggestions from various committee reports and studies. Content is good. Keep practicing.

Intro is good. It cam become better by addition of few lines about origin of fc. You need to elaborate bit more about FC’s successes and failures. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

Good intro but can be better. Nice choice of format. Cite credible suggestions. You need to read bit more about the issue. Keep reading and practicing.

Good intro but can get better. Points format are always better when writing 10 markers. You need to work on structure. Cite credible suggestions in way forward. Keep practicing.

Good intro and structure. Measures and conclusions can be better, read and revise more to build content. Overall a good attempt. Keep practicing.

Sir please correct my answer.

Introduction should be around 30-40 words at maximum with precise words along with some stat as per requirement of the question. Points format are always the way to go when writing under time control. Conclusion is good. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Most simple and impactful intro would have been defining F.C. Use points is wise choice under time constraints, although nice choice of format. Grammatical mistakes should be avoided. Apt conclusion. Keep practicing.

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