Topic 24/50 - Poverty in India

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Poverty is not only a state of living but actually it is also a cognitive tax. India until now did a great job lifting millions out of poverty since independence. Though work is still in progress, it has seriously been hit by the recent covid pandemic. Please go through the workbook and answer the questions accordingly.
Mains Work Book No.24 - Poverty in India.pdf (988.8 KB)

Nice intro. Add definition of poverty in intro. Please ist identify the issues then provide the measures. Conclusions are for discussion, here way forward would have been better heading. Keep practicing.

Nice inro and good choice of format. Read the question carefully. Impact of covid was to be examined on poverty. Instead of conclusion, way forward would have been appropriate heading. Keep practicing.

Intro needs to be better. Read bit more to build content. First identify the issues then provide solutions. Keep reading and practicing.

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Poverty in india


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Nice intro. Structuring needs work. Try to stick to word limit. Overall good attempt. Keep practicing.

Intro can better. Structure needs working. Donot use short hands and be articulate about your words. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Nice choice of format. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

Good intro. The question is not about poverty but how covid has impacted poverty in India. Devote time to read the question. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Nice choice of format and good dimension identification. Good conclusion. Keep practicing.

You need to work hard. Read more to build content. Keep practicing.