Topic 23/50 - Autonomy of Election Commission of India

Dear Students,

The preserver of sanctity of the word ‘democracy’ in India is the Election Commission of India. It helms the election procedure in India and ensures fairness and smooth power transition after every election. Recently its working has come under scanner especially for its implementation of Model Code of Conduct. Please go through the workbook and answer the required questions accordingly.

Mains Work Book No. 23 - Autonomy of Election Commission of India.pdf (617.3 KB)

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Hey there!
Nice intro, apt conclusion. Overall a good attempt. Try and include few studies and reports in way forward. Keep practicing!

Intro can be better, be bit more articulate with your words and sentences. You may want to cote specific examples of loss of credibility. Try and include studies and reports in the way forward. Keep practicing.

Hey there!
Apt introduction, good conclusion, cite some specific examples of credibility loss and how to regain it. Keep practicing!

Nice intro. Nice format. Cite credible suggestions in the way forward. Keep practicing.

It is more a generic attempt. Intro can be better. Be articulate with your words and add some factual data. Cite credible suggestions in way forward. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Try and cite specific instances of credibility loss and steps taken to correct them. Cite credible suggestions in way forward. Overall good attempt.

Be more precise with your presentation and discreet with intro. You need to read bit more. Keep reading and practicing.

Good intro. You can add few lines for how E.C.I. controls things. Choice of format is good. Keep practicing.

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Add a fact to the intro, could have mentioned art 324. You have focused way more on eci and its structure. Demand of question was to what hampers eci’s credibility with some instances as example and how it can be mitigated. Way forward can be better. Try to cite some credible suggestions via some committee reports and studies or by drawing comparison to systems of other countries. Keep practicing.

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