Topic 21/50 - Amendment to NCT Act

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Recently, the government had proposed an amendment to NCT act and have also received the president’s assent to the proposed amendments. This is revived the debate surrounding the relation between Delhi and the Central government. Kindly go through the workbook and answer the relevant questions.

Mains Work Book No.21 - Amendment to NCT Act.pdf (614.6 KB)

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Be bit more discreet and articulate with words. You need to read more. Keep reading and practicing.

Good intro. Nice format choice. Donot take a clear stand without citing any credible study or report, just provide hint of leaning. Keep practicing.

Nice intro. Be careful of your words against govt. offices and donot take sides in such questions just provide hint of your leanings. Keep practicing.

Nice intro. Be articulate with your words. Answer is going bit off topic. Add line diagrams. Keep practicing.

Devote time to read the question. You may need to cite instances of power tussle. Pros and cons of the amendment has to be given in the answer. Keep practicing.

Nice intro. All dimensions of questions have not been identified, devote time to reading question. Keep practicing.

Nice intro. Devote time to reading the question. Conclusion can be better. Keep practicing.