Topic 2/50 - Lateral Entry

Hey students!
Lateral entry has been the debate since past few years. There are several concerns arousing like transparency and effectiveness of lateral entrants over the exam recruited entrants. Kindly refer the article in the workbook and answer the workbook questions.
Mains Work Book No.2 (Lateral Entry into Bureacracy).pdf (1.2 MB)

Nice conclusion. In intro you can also government recently recruited 27 lateral entrants. Keep practising.

Hey you have highlighted the points nicely. In the intro you can include that presently growing technicality in the administration process requires the specialists in the field. Also you can make headings somewhat interrogative like why lateral entry is required? and how can it be made effective? Keep it up. Keep practising.

Please try to write the introduction so that you can practise and are empowered with devising a sound intro in a limited time. In conclusion tr to include recommendations of committees. While framing the body try to keep just 2-3 heading in between intro and conclusion. Keep practising.

very nice approach. Try to include committees in the conclusion. Also try to keep 2-3 heading in the body of the answer. Keep it up. Keep practising.

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Very nice efforts towards approach and headings. Try to explain or define the core concept like lateral entry to the examiner so that it set up a base for your further content. Keep practising.

Try to set up a rhythm of your answer by introducing what lateral entry means. In approach, you should how will you approach the answer like by interrogation and then coming to solution or by presenting a straight forward answer. Keep practising.

I din’t get sir, lateral entry to the examiner in the sense?

it means that examiner does not know anything. Try to explain him what lateral entry means by introducing the concept in 1-2 lines.

Under intro try to explain what is lateral entry and then you can give examples. It will provide a base and rhythm for beginning your answer.

Very nice and innovative intro. Please before this, try to define lateral entry in 1-2 line. It will give more flavour to your innovative approach.