Topic 18/50 - Inflation Targeting in India

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In 2016, central government and RBI decided to form a Monetary Policy Committee whose objective was to keep the inflation in check. Now, in 2021, this agreement for 5 years is going to end. To evaluate what is the current scenario of inflation targeting in India, kindly go through the workbook and answer the required questions accordingly.

Mains Work Book No. 18 - Inflation Targeting in India (1).pdf (2.4 MB)

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Apt inro, but it is better to define what RBI is and its significance to India or definition of inflation targetting in few sentences in intro. You need to be bit more articulate with your words. Points format with some headings and subheadings is better. Keep practicing.

Nice intro. Be bit more careful with sentences. Try and add specific examples how inflation targetting functions and impacts economy. Nice attempt, keep practicing.

Be bit more precise with intro. Nice format. Try and add a conclusion or way forward. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better and more precise. Be careful of spellings and sentences. Be more precise with issues. Try and add a wayforward. Keep practicing.

Apt intro. Points format with headings and subheadings is better for 10 markers. Try to relate spme current studies and committee recommendations. End it with optimistic way forward. Keep practicing.

Intro can be better. Be specific with the points. Try and add some committee reports. Add a way forward. Keep practicing.