Topic 14/50 - NCBC and its mandate

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Recently, SC has decided to hear the case related to constitutional body national commission for backward classes. States has alleged that it has deprived states of their rights with regard to social uplift men to of BCs. Kindly go through the workbook and answer the following questions.

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National commission for backward class

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@gujjala_nandini - in the intro try to define the NCBC as it was formed as statutory body and then given constitutional status. Also describe its objective in 1-2 line as to ensure the welfare of SEBCs. Keep your intros around the keywords.

@durgaprasad_ankapall - you have written a nice answer. Please try to frame some presentation in the answer and include some statistics if you have. It will give you an advantage. Keep practising.

@arunkumar_cr7 - very nicely presented each part. Keep it up. Keep practising.

@sharvani - you have a great potential. Your intro is precise and nice. And opinion is also good. Keep practising.

@prem_kumar - try to provide constitutional provisions related to the body in your intro to substantiate you answer. Keep practising.

@Jvkalyan1234 - you have attempted the questions in a good manner. Intro is precise and nice. Keep it up. Keep practising.

@Seshu - Please try to provide constitutional provision in the intro and then describe its function along with that. Keep practising.

@Pittu - NCBC was formed as a statutory body in 1993. It was given constitutional status afterwards. Keep your intro precise and avoid these mistakes. Keep practising.

@Ishaq - nicely attempted answer. Intro is precise and nice. Other aspects also attempted well. Keep practising.

@mercy_alladi - intro is precise and nice. Opinion framed is also fine. Keep it up. Keep practising.

@Eesarlabhaskar - Answer attempted in well manner. Try to frame intro with a proper language structure so that can be easily understood. Keep practising.

@Malavika - A very nicely attempted answer. Intro is precise and nice. Keep practising.

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Good intro. Try to add way forward with credible suggestions. Add flow charts and line diagrams. Keep practicing.

Good intro. Ist cite the provisions of amendment then issues then measures to rectify them. Keep practicing.

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