Topic 10/50 - Haryana Quota Law Issue

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In the past few days, we have come across news related to the formulation of law by Haryana’s legislative assembly asking private industries to reserve 75% of jobs for the domiciles of the state. A similar law was formulated by the Andhra Pradesh government in 2019. This trend of “sons of the soil” has been increasing over the years.

Please have a look at the workbook and answer the required questions.
Mains Work Book No.10 - Haryana Quota Law Issue.pdf (602.2 KB)

You have put great efforts. In introduction, you can define what reservation or affirmative action means and then can tell why states are doing it.

Very nice efforts by you. Please try to define affirmative action in introduction and then continue with constitutional provisions.

Great efforts. Keep it up. Try to simulate this in other answers.

Nice efforts. In intro you can define affirmative action and then continue further. Keep practising.

Great efforts sravanthi. Please define reservation first and then continue your answer. Keep practising.

Nice stats and presentation. You can define affirmative action or reservation. Keep it up.

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Sir please check…

Good efforts on presentation. Try to define reservation or affirmative action in 1-2 lines and then continue with the facts. Keep practising.

Intro is fine. Can also include constitutional articles related to the affirmative action. Keep practising.

Try to define affirmative action in the intro and include constitutional articles. Presentation is good. Keep practising.