Topic 1/50 - Anti Defection Law

Hey students!

Kindly check out the mains workbook topic no 1 talking about the absurdity of anti defection law. You will find the article for reference in workbook itself. From now onwards you have to upload workbook answers under these categories. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mains Work Book No.1 (Anti Defection Law).pdf (1.2 MB)

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Sir plz review my answer

WORKBOOK 1.pdf (396.8 KB)

Nice presentation effort. Will surely give you an advantage. Devesh try to include 52nd amendment and 10th schedule provision in intro. Keep practising.

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Very nice presentation sweeny. Keep it up. But please under intro try to highlight const provision related to the anti defection law. Keep practising.

@Navya_mayukha - a very good and simple intro on the decided keywords. Also, try to frame a flowchart on the topic.

@sharvani, @Nikhilgopu - very nice presentation efforts. try to include constitutional provisions under the intro.

very nice efforts. A good intro and suitable headings. Keep it up. Keep practising.

Good efforts. Don’t break the introduction in sub parts. Keep it continuous in 3-4 lines to provide rhythm to your answer. Keep it up. Keep practising.