The structural fragility of Union Territories

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Cabinet has recently approved to impose Presidents’ rule in the Puducherry due to the inability of any party to form the government after the fall of the incumbent government.

What is the relation between a union territory and centre? Why some UTs have legislature? (10 marks, 150 words)

[ relation btw union territories pdf

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Very nice attempt. Explained the issue well. Please do end it with a conclusion. Keep it up.


A good attempt and explained well. Please end answer with a conclusion. Can do much better.


Nice attempt Shilpa. Please end the answer with a conclusion. Elaborated in a good way. Keep it up.


Relation between centre and UT is asked not centre and state. Please read the question carefully.

Thank you sir…

Please do also tell why some UTs have been given legislatures. A good attempt. Can do much better.