The Absurdity of Anti-Defection Law

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Anti-defection law has again come into the light with the fall of the Puducherry government where several MLAs had resigned voluntarily escaping the arms of the anti-defection law.
Kindly refer to the article and mains workbook below. First, read the workbook and answer the given question accordingly. The article is from the Hindu dated 26th Feb
work book Mains -converted.pdf (58.8 KB) 2021.

The absurdity of the anti-defection law .pdf (6.3 MB)

You have amply described the shortcomings of the law and the potential solutions. I would recommend you to first write 2-3 lines in introduction regarding the law including the provisions of the constitution under which it was framed. Then begin with the body giving some examples like Puducherry. Then you can continue with the answer you have written. Keep practising.

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Sanjib first try to give an introduction of anti defection law like constitutional article or amendment. And it was not put by founding fathers it was done by 52nd amendment. Also suggest a way forward to tackle it. Keep practising.

Very nice attempt. Please do highlight the amendment in which it was framed. Try to include some more points in flaws like speaker decides disqualification but it comes from ruling party. A nice answer. Keep it up

You have attempted both parts nicely. Try to give conclusion at the end. Work on presentation which makes easy for examiner to read. A good answer. Keep practising.

You have very nicely presented the answer Yogesh. Try to suggest some measures to be taken to improvise the law before the conclusion. Presentation is good. Keep practising.

Nicely presented answer. Try to restrict explanation of points to 2-3 lines. And include more points for argument. A good answer. Keep practising.

Anti defection law mains work book.pdf (337.9 KB)