Sir, I have a doubt that , without election can be a democracy in country?

Like Indirect election are also part of election, but I’m in dilemma like indirect election is also among people representatives (like president, vice president election done by parliament votes, even they are people representative)
So can we say election either direct or indirect represents democracy in country?

Democracy is about people’s rule. Elections is a tool in a democracy. We can have people’s rule without electing someone also. If we elect someone to rule on our behalf it would be indirect democracy. If we are involved in every decision through referendum, plebiscite and other direct democracy tools, elections are not at all required. Hence Democracy can exist without elections. Hope this answers your query

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Ya sir, thank you it’s clear without election there will be democracy.
I have one more statement counter to this
Like ,
1)Can we say without democracy, there will be elections?
2) and Can I say both direct and indirect elections are the tool for democratic system in country?