RTE, Article 21A

25% free education shall be provided to Backward students by Govt aided or Private schools?

Still RTE act not applicable to J&K??

Only private, if it is “private school” (both aided&unaided)- 25/100 seats (free)should be provided to students from socially &economically backward classes from class-I till they reach the age of 14 years.

If it is “govt schools”- any community students can get free education till 14 years age(class 1-class8).
Note: 1.according to act private schools have 25% reservation.
2.In govt schools no need any reservations, all are permitted to get free education (guaranteed:class1-class8)

Yes! Right to Education is not a fundamental right in J&K.
Please read this article you will get a clarity.

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Thanks DUdaykumar.