Regarding to fundamental rights

Why can’t our leaders come forward and bring a new classification or division system based on something else rather caste system as it was taken from britishers a long time ago , why we are living in the same system why can’t we adopt the new system to eradicate this caste system and besides our leaders or government why can’t they bring new missions or acts like swatch bharat, make in india for the better society regarding this discrimination?

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Caste classification is not in the society or india or else where…It is in the mindsets of the people.
As long as we cannot vanish this in the mindset of people we cannot do the same in the system.
Here citizen centric initiative will work rather than govt efforts to eradicate it.

Then how atleast we can do to achieve it ?

Parents and teachers are the two main drivers for this because they are moulders of the mindset since child hood.

Also people should should not include words indicating caste in their words like reddy, chowdary etc etc.

People usually imitate what celebrities do.
So, celebrities should take initiative from this end

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There is no statesmanship in present day leaders . They are more focused on getting votes rather than focusing on such sensible issues . According to my point the thinking power can pave a way to the changes we are wishing for .
Why people are supposed to express there caste because of the benefits there are getting from it . If people can build the trust that even there is no reservations, we can have a better life then there can be a chance of building no caste state …
Bringing of new ideologies is important but the implementation of them in an effective manner that the benefits can reach the so called backward classes can build the trust !!.. Today’s government should focus on this point keenly.

Why there is a need of classification in the first place… in my opinion when u claasify people they get more strengthen to their prejudice as we see now…
The british classified for the sake of administration and they classified on what is existing… and there sole priority is to trade… but when we see our republic india our main aim is development…

But even as we see now by classification and giving reservations it is still strengthening the caste

I agree with ur views but classification vil not be a better option rather a new policy should be made which provides for better opportunities and development

Our aim is achieving equality.

Now to active it we need to identify who are lagging behind and who are ahead.

After finding the people who are lagging behind then we can distribute the available resources efficiently to bridge the gap.

The classification is not done by british it was done so earlier period.

Ya they didnt classified it but they labeled right!!
Like schedule caste schedule tribe…
The earlier classification was brahmin kashtriya vishya and shudra…
The topic reservation on basis of caste is still debatable and paradox…

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