One nation one voter id

Recently in news editorial proposed the one nation one voter id for casting vote to every one so that it may lead to every political party changed to national party because take example of migrants there are from other states then migrants did not have option their local party then they left the vote so that can we say that one nation one voter id is to be a critical challenge to ECI??

One nation One Voter Id is mainly to emphasise on right to vote from/at any place.Recent discussions are in line with the plight of migrants who generally cannot exercise vote at their native place or at place of work.Yes this(at place of work) is definitely daunting task for ECI.ECI is already testing for digital voting (Aadhar linked Voter Id based)move.So if not in near future, there is possibility of One Nation One Voter Id becoming reality but it has to overcome all the possible hurdles.And May be we should not give it a thought for regional party becoming party or any such; it’s mostly in the voter point of me.His/Her voice to be heard at/from any place.If it becomes reality it definitely upholds democracy.

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yes madam i agree migrant worker can raise the voice through vote but he can enjoys his vote right as he wanted to promote or to encourage his liked political party in article also they stated that aadhar authenction is way forward for it, it is ok but migrant worker can have opportunity to cast his vote on his wish

Yes I do agree he has to be given right.But let us not limit our thinking to the dimension he supporting any political party.My point is let us see it from migrant point of view; his right to cast vote,his importance being felt and let he be considered.Let he be benefited not the political party.

excatly madam my opinion also migrant worker should be considered but let me explain with exmaple if a person from delhi working in AP so that he want to vote for Aam adhmi party or another party my question is does he can vote for any party on his wish can ECI provides that opportunity showing all parties in EVM’S ?? if it can be done by ECI automatically that party became national party know like BJP ,Congress.why automatically means migrant workers are part in throught India know!!

A person from AP can very well vote in AP as per the existing procedure.Our point of concern is as he is working in Delhi he must be given a chance to vote in Delhi, which is currently not available and we want ECI to provide such opportunity.Let he vote in Delhi why mix up one state elections with another.If that is the case we need to have symbols of all regional parties in an EVM and elections for all the states doesn’t happen at same time.

yes madam my doubt is that can ECI provides all symbols in EVM’S are not??

Unfortunately, That may not possible in india. because in india we didn’t have simultaneous elections(states &centre elections @ a same time period), if india has simultaneous elections then ECI might have facilitate that opportunity(symbols of all regional parties in EVMs).

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yes then it can be a challenge to one nation one voter id??

Yes, it may be a challenge to ECI but all it doing is for the sake of migrants, who didn’t get any benefits like PDS… etc. So one must understand gist of article i.e “Migrants should be able to physically vote in their city of work based on the address on their existing voter IDs and duration of their temporary stay”. Finally they can get all benefits of states. Because they became vote bank to States.

Note: here voting in working state means- for example a migrant belongs to U.P , working in T.S. Can cast his vote, when elections in U.P conducted then he can vote from T.S through Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System . In that instance whether telangana may also has elections or not that is up to ECI. Because in some instances in india some states may have elections in a same phase(time period).
• The ECI has said that it is testing an Aadhaar-linked voter-ID based solution.
•This is to enable electors to cast their votes digitally from anywhere in the country.