New Paradigm in Animal Husbandry

Uma you have attempted very nicely but you got deviated in second part. You have to tell how animal husbandry can lead to agricultural sustainability like manure can increase yield of crops, increase soil fertility, can provide biomass energy for irrigation etc.
could have given you more but for this

A nice attempt gowtham. In second part you could include more points and a conclusion. Keep practising.


Try to understand the question and tell how this sector can’t lead to agricultural sustainability.


Well done Sanju no one has addressed the second part in a right manner except you. Keep it up. But this was a 10 marker question as a whole try to attempt like that.


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Thank you Sir, I will work on that part

Sir could you correct my mistakes animal husbandry Office.pdf (2.1 MB)

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Ignore above upload which went wrong.

Kindly review this pdf.

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Hey agriculture infrastructure fund is not asked in the question. Please read the question carefully and then answer. The editorial is just for understanding.
And there is no need to name minister and write every incident.

Sir please correct the answer…

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Gud eve sir pls help in to improve more

Sir please go through my answer and suggest improvement.

Very nice attempt. Try to include data and some more points in 2nd part of question. Nice articulation. Keep it up.


Nice efforts. Try to include facts and more points in second part. Try to keep intro short to save your words.