New Paradigm in Animal Husbandry

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Under AtmaNirbhar Bharat initiative, the government had launched Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund as the sector has immense contribution to the economy and social development of India.

Describe the contribution of animal husbandry in the Indian economy and how empowering this sector will lead to agricultural sustainability? (10 marks, 150 words)

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Vijay please try to include more points in your answer and also give some facts like how much people it employable etc. keep practising.


Nice attempt by you. Please try to prove how the sector can lead to agricultural sustainability like improving farmer income, manure can be used in fields, scarcity time buffer for farmer etc. keep practising.


Very nice attempt. Try to enlist it’s contribution and leading to agricultural sustainability under different headings so that it’s clear you have attempted every part. A good answer can include more points.


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Please also tell how it will lead to agricultural sustainability. A good attempt. Can do better.


Nice attempt Prashanth. Please also address second part of question as how it will lead to sustainability.


YAsh please also try to analyse how the sector can lead to sustainability like mixed farming concept, gobar dhan yojana etc. keep practising.


Very nicely presented answer with facts. Under sustainability you have to tell how animal husbandry can lead to agricultural sustainability like manure can be used in fields, gobar dhan Yojana can provide energy for irrigation etc. Try to understand the question. keep practising.