New media bargaining code

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The new media bargaining code by Australia has left Facebook in dilemma over its future actions. The code asks Facebook to enter into contracts with the news agencies to use their content on its platform.

Please initiate a discussion and try to answer the following questions

  1. What impact would it have on Big tech companies globally?
  2. How does Facebook and Google’s model of news broadcast differ?

Tips to frame a good answer:
a. Read the article thoroughly and note down the key points.
b. Read the question twice before answering and note down keywords like ‘impact’ and ‘differ’.
c. Gather various opinions by discussing them with your peers and post them below.
d. In case of any query put your question below and it will be addressed.

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Superb… i should not judge your answer but…
I feel your answer is so well structured and clear…

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Uma you have attempted and structured the answer very nicely. It was a good read. Just work on broadening the argument like other than revenue tech giants may lose their followers and can be tried under the national laws. Overall a good answer. Slowly we will move onto complex questions. Keep practising.

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Sure sir. I will look into it.
Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Can you review my answer sir.

Hey Tharun, you have put up the arguments very nicely. Please work on the presentation. Give a 2-3 line intro first then move on to the body. Put your arguments under a head like pros of the code and cons of the code and then end it with a conclusion. Keep practising.

I shall make an improvement.Thanks sir.