Need of a Proper Transfer Policy

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We have frequently come across news articles where civil servants are often frequently transferred from their place of duty. This has caused concern among the civil servant community regarding their responsibilities.

What are the implications of frequent transfers of civil servants and how can it be addressed? (10 marks, 150 words)

*try to initiate a discussion with your peers to broaden your argument.
*stick to the word limit.

Frequent Transfers of Civil Servants .pdf (776.5 KB)

Transfer Policy.pdf (866.8 KB)

Very nicely attempted answer. Nice presentation and articulation of points. Keep it up. Addressed both parts nicely. Try to include more points under how to address. Keep it up.


Good attempt. Try to include committed recommendation and examples like Arun Khemka. Nice attempt.


transfer of civil servants.pdf (537.7 KB)

Frequent Transfers of Civil Servants .pdf (776.5 KB)

Sir could you please correct my mistakes transfer policy.pdf (2.2 MB)

Sir give review of it

Very nice handwriting and attempt of the question. Properly addressed all the parts. Keep it up.


Nice efforts. Try to include some facts and more points . Keep practising.


Very nice attempt. Addressed both aspects. Try to include some facts and examples also. Keep practising.


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A good effort. Try to maintain a sequence while attempting the answer. It should be in a proper order first the implications then the recommendations.

Nice efforts gowtham. A good improvement. Keep it up. Try to include facts and examples.