Lifeline for the local bodies

Hey guys!!

There has always been a debate regarding the improper devolution of funds to the local bodies by the centre and state governments. The new Fifteenth Finance Commission has holistically distributed the funds to the local bodies keeping the population, area, and performance at the centre to use for the subject enlisted in the eleventh and twelfth schedule.

Please read the article and try to answer the following

  1. Will the new devolution structure help revamp the functioning of the local bodies?
  2. What are the shortcomings in the functioning of local bodies?

Tips to frame a good answer:
a. Read the article thoroughly and note down the key points.
b. Read the question twice before answering and note down keywords like ‘devolution structure’ and ‘shortcomings’.
c. Gather various opinions by discussing them with your peers and post them below.
d. In case of any query put your question below and it will be addressed.

Sir, Please find the following attachments andkindly suggest improvement

Good efforts!! I would recommend you to read the article carefully and analyse devolution structure proposed and enlist hose in your answer and how will it revamp the local bodies. You have said devolution is increased but describe in detail the devolution criteria and analyse it.

Sure sir I will rectify my mistakes. Thank you

Very nice articulation and presentation navya. Keep it up. Try to introduce constitutional provisions like local bodies are created under part IX and IXA and const amendment acts like 73rd amendment.

Try to put more points like performance based devolution will be considered, gap between rural and urban local bodies have been narrowed. Your presentation and attempt is fine. Keep it up.

Thank you sir, I will improve myself.