Lateral entry in to bureaucracy

This is 1st question of mains work book No:2/50 sir . Please evaluate my answer sir

This is 2nd question sir from work book No:2/50 please evaluate sir

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Plz review my answer sir…

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Plz review my answer

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You have nicely highlighted the pros and cons of lateral entry. You can also put up an example of USA where specialised people are chosen by president to implement the policies. Also in drawback, there will be competition among recruits through exam and those without exam. Try to work on presentation to make answer appear more understanding. Keep practising

Kindly try to evaluate the recommendations to correct it in a broad way. You can include ARC recommendations and newly launched mission karamyogi to enhance capacities of the administrators.

You’re presentation of answer in a proper structure is nice. But please try to include both aspects in the question like negatives of lateral entry. Also please include schemes like mission karamyogi and ARC recommendations. Keep practising.

You have presented the answer in a proper manner. In first part do highlight negatives of lateral entry like favouritism can be there, Ill feeling among test based recruits for their lateral entry counterparts. In second part schemes like mission karamyogi to enhance capacity of civil servants can be included.

You have to give introduction in just 2-3 lines. Try to broaden your argument by including more points in pros and cons. To substantiate try to include data and committees like ARC and Hota. Keep practising.

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Please review my answer sir


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