La Excellence IAS - Gayatri Campus

A story to tell, A story to share about La Excellence IAS

10 Years ago (2010) : La Excellence IAS- A small mentoring centre for civil services started its journey in Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad. It was a different model. A reading room centred, peer to peer learning student centric model. Here, Institute responsibility is to conduct a test everyday , analyse and monitor the performance.

We woke up students early in the morning and worked till 10PM in the night. The first employee of La Excellence - over a period of time, Out of 16 students,11 students got in to different services.

⭐⭐ Now, 2020 - Gayatri Campus ⭐⭐

After 10 years of establishment we wanted to repeat the magic. COVID gave us time to reflect and reinitialise the magic we did in the past. Gayatri campus is built around the same idea, same model.

👉 Its values are

  1. Merit - Bring in the right student to the campus
  2. Diversity - Let the students come from all parts of the country
  3. Peer to Peer learning - Right minds assembled in right environment is success. A student learns from other students. A competitive, creative tension need to exist between the students.
  4. Positive eco system - Name Gayatri implies a positive cosmic energy. Positive minded individuals can change the world.

In this 2020 results : 6 people out of 20 students cleared mains. The most memorable part is that they are attending interview for the first time. Mains was a big block for them. Nagababu, sudheer, Hemanth, Prudhvi, Dharamveer, nachiketh are the names of these students. We wish a success for all of them. Inspite of 162+ students clearing mains from La Excellence, these 6 people are very special to us.

We are humble to accept that , this success in total do not belong to us. It belongs to students, teachers, Mentors and every student aspiring for civil services.

Last thing, La Excellence Gayatri Campus is not for profit program. We promise you it always remains the same. Let us all together create new standards in this exam preparation. Thank you for all your support