Kalam Program Season 3 - Dt : 28.08.2020


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Infrastructure plays a important role in the development of economy.Case study given here deals with construction of road project with minimum disturbance to agriculture land,less burden to exchequer and concerned minister is trying to influence me.

Even not as an officer but as a responsible citizen of this country I would say no to the proposal of the minister.My responsibility as a public servant is more than a citizen.I would not encourage corruption and will not be corrupt.In the given situation being rightful not only helps me but also it’ll also has positive impact on the issues surrounding the project.

Firstly the given plan is very good for the following reasons

1.Minimum land acquisition from private parties

2.Less deforestation-protection of environment

3.Less disturbance for agriculture land and need not displace farmers

4.Saving of public money

So in any circumstance I would not agree to realign the design.I’m not going to change design in such away it benefits minister.I’m not going to agree to his proposal of land to me. Me being corrupt not only effects me but it has many other negative implications along with it.

Consequences of changing design/being corrupt

1.It leads to displacement of farmers which effects them very worstly

2.It benefits private persons

3.It increases govt cost and in turn wastage of public money

4.It leads to deforestation and again major loss to ecosystem and environment

Given these circumstances I would not be favouring realignment of design.I’ll go with the same design.In doing so I’m not only helping myself but also protecting environment, farmers and saving public money from misuse.I’m not going make personal gains at the cost of others.As a public servant I would stand for the benefit of the people and benefit of the country.Being rightful is my duty and responsibility.

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