Kalam Program Season 3 - Dt : 27.08.2020


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Unfortunately I’m put in situation where I experience mixed feeling.On one hand I’m happy that I got selected for the interview and I’m close to my goal of pursuing IAS career but on the other hand I had to witness accident of my family members which is very painful.

In this situation I presume I have enough time to attend interview.I would first give priority to save the mother and child.I’ll enquire the public there about any near by hospital or medical services available and would ask for their help.I’ll join my relatives injured in the hospital and arrange for finances if possible.I’ll inform my family about the incident.I’ll inform my situation to the hospital staff and my urgency.I’ll ask them to take care of them until me or my relatives come to the hospital and proceed for the interview because interview is equally important for me.

I’ll proceed to the interview and see that I’ll set everything aside and get not effected in the interview because of incident.I’ll finish my interview with confidence and proceed to hospital afterwards.

Though interview is important for me, life is even more important.So I would like to save my family first and then proceed with interview.I can’t compromise on both.If can’t save my family members I’ll fail as a person and If I don’t attend interview I’ll lose an opportunity I’m dreaming of.So I would see that both the issues are addressed.

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