Indian modern history

As august declaration promises us to give
self governanace
While august offer promises for
Dominion status

In both the conditions…,
We the indians govern ourselfs wether it is self governance or dominion status
Then What was the main difference between those?

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Actually both are same

August declaration made in 1917 was to pacify Indians and for their support in World War I.As the home rule movement had already started in India and we demanded for “home rule” or “self rule”,British promised so after World War I but didn’t actually provide it.Instead they increased representation in council, introduced dyarchy and bicameral legislature at provincial level which were not the actual demands made by us.

August promise made in 1940 was again for Indians support in World War II.Here we asked for swaraj/complete independence but British offered dominion status which was later rejected.But it has agreed for framing of Indian constitution.

So in both the cases it meant self government but in either cases British didn’t fulfil the actual demands but offered other promises.