Improve Answer Writing

Hello Students, over the past few days you all have been healthily participating in the discussions and writing answers. In the wake of this, I have decided to improvise this thing to make your practice more sound.

From Monday to Friday, I will be posting one 10-marker question from 2-3 relevant articles of the day. Please do attempt that in 150 words. I will evaluate the copies and assign marks to all of you so that you can get an evaluated copy. I will check every answer and revert at night.
On Saturday, I will post an essay topic so that on Sunday you can practice essays every week.

Give cheers if you like the initiative and participate in Mains answer writing because you know mains is the key to success. Keep practising.


Sarath.pdf (1.5 MB)

Sir Feb 19 Daily mains question,
Please go through and suggest necessary changes sir.

Sarath you have rightly described the need to achieve sustainable development but please analyse the question carefully and answer what is asked like positives and negative of hydrogen fuel and how it can change transportation scenario.

Okay sir, I send Feb 19 mains question in handout for verification.