How ban on apps work

r they removing form playstore or saying that this app using is illegal

Govt of India ha a banned 59 Chinese apps invoking section 69A of IT act 2009 citing cyber sovereignty, privacy, security as reasons.So as per this ban these apps will be removed from App Store and we will no longer be able to use it.
Complete detailing is yet to come.

Please find the link for necessary info.

Ban on Chinese apps


The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking its power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act has banned 59 Chinese apps , including TikTok. For safety, security, defence, sovereignty & integrity of India and to protect data & privacy of people of India. So the GOI did it. We people of india should take moral responsibility towards effective implementation and we should all be informed.
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And yes. That mobile applications are not available to citizens of India in any app stores(Google play store…etc) both Android/IOS.