Government to monitor OTT content

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The government has decided to monitor OTT content and social media. It is a step towards the regulation of undesired information on social media and OTT platforms. (Indian express article)

OTT and social media platforms have come as a benefit to internet users. Why there is a need to regulate these platforms? (10 marks, 150 words)

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Hey you have amply described the need to regulate social media platforms. In question there is also OTT platforms. Please do highlight the need to regulate these platforms also. Try not to explain the points much just in 2-3 lines.


Hey you have nicely attempted the question describing the need to control both platforms. Try to include some stats also. Keep it up.


Hey you have amply highlighted the need to regulate ott platforms. You need to also show why need to regulate social media also. Try to properly evaluate the question.
You can do better.


Hey you have shown both the aspects. Try to include more points. Also you can highlight ott and social media regulation in different headings so that you can showcase more content in the answer. Keep practising.


A very nice attempt. Try to highlight need to regulate both platforms under different headings so as to produce More content. You can do better. Keep practising.


You have nicely defined both platforms. But you have argued why to regulate only social media. Try to include need to regulate ott under different heading.


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A very nicely presented answer. I would suggest you to highlight the need to regulate OTT and social media under different headings… Though you have addressed both the platforms but different heading make it clear to the examiner. In conclusion with freedom of speech, you can also highlight article 19 and the UN declaration on human rights. Keep it up


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