Economy source- technical terms

can anyone suggest a comprehensive material (ref book/ internet source ) which covers basic information about most of the technical terms we need for economy? For example Short sales, Inventory, hedge funds, Insider trading etc.
ps: other than Ramesh singh and Sanjiv Verma
thank you :slight_smile:

I heard Sriram IAS economy material is good.Many follow it.You can refer to it for the terminology.NCERTs would also help.Mrunal economy lectures will also be helpful.

Thanks a lot! will check :slight_smile:

what is the difference between FDI & FPI(foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment)

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Though both are foreign investments they are some differences

Foreign Direct Investments are made in physical/productive assets of the company I.e foreign company investing in FDI has a business interest and it is not looking for immediate returns.It is generally long term and stable investment for a country.As we get capital investment it is helpful for economic progress and most preferable.
Ex:Joint Venture,Subsidiary company

Here the investment is for short term and interest of the investor is profit making and high returns;Investment is generally made in securities/financial assets like stocks/bonds.Investment is also called as hot money because it can be easily liquidated.It is not so useful for economic development of country.

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