DPSP- not enforceable rights

How can we say “DPSP’s are fundemental to governance” though they are not enforceable?

DPSP are guiding principles for the state to strive for well being of people.As they deal with finances of the state and require expenditure from the government that are not enforceable but still they act as guiding principles of governance.

Yes. I do agree with you but if they are not enforceable means that they are not affecting governance(positive way). If government want to make laws, it can make according to DPSP’s . If in a case govt don’t want to make laws according to DPSP’S then it can’t be fundamental to governance. Govt may not maintain good welfare all times but it has to maintain for welfare. If it is not enacting laws according to DPSP’s then how can we say “fundemental to governance”. Fundemental means you should give priority to them. But they are made for choice. Govt may follow/ may not follow. So I need a valid points to say that how come they “fundemental to governance”.

Please find these wordings of Dr B R Ambedkar

Though they are not enforceable they are fundamental and guiding principles of the state.In a democratic nation like us even if a state doesn’t look for welfare of the people, the ultimate authority to give power to the state(election) vests with the people.So every state though not fully but mostly strives to achieve these principles.And with the latest judgments of the Supreme Court and broad interpretation of fundamental rights and constitution there is every possibility of few DPSP becoming FRs and enforceable and make state binding.


So govt should be guided by these DPSP’s. Thank you for made me clear through a well elaborated words.

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Though DPSP’s aren’t enforceable, it is the people of the state who puts government on their toes with their voting power. Hence, government abide by the guiding principles for welfare of the state.

Welfare doesn’t comes without a cost, and at the time of Independence when these DPSP were crafted the situation of the country’s wealth was not that good. So framers considered and put them in list where one can check whether govt is working for the welfare of all or some. Minimising the socio-economic gap was one motto and it needs resources which were meagre. If they were made justiciable then everyone will knock the door of the Court for every action of the Govt and that too of the Top court. That is why they are separated from the fundamental rights.