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Since the past few years, SAARC has gone defunct, and with that, the integration among South Asian countries has become fragile. But, PM Modi has called for enhanced coordination among South Asian countries by providing free visas to medics and air ambulance services across the region during a pandemic. He also called for sharing of vaccination data and best practices.

Please go through the articles and try to answer the following

  1. How will the SAARC revamp help in the integration of South Asia?
  2. How shall India play its role as a ‘big brother’ in the region?

Tips to frame a good answer:
a. Read the article thoroughly and note down the key points.
b. Read the question twice before answering and note down keywords like ‘revamp’, ‘integration’ and ‘role as big brother’.
c. Gather various opinions by discussing them with your peers and post them below.
d. In case of any query put your question below and it will be addressed.


Sir, these are two different questions?
Or should we answer as one question?

Sunitha these are two different questions. You have to answer them separately. We want to keep the questions simple initially, later on we will be increasing complexity. All the best!!

Sure, will do it. Thank you.:+1:

Q1. How will the SAARC rewamp help in the integration of south asia
The SAARC- south asian association for regional cooperation seeks to promotewelfare of the people of south asia,promote active collaboration, cooperation with international and regional organisations in various fields.

During the pandemic when India supply the vaccines,medicine, equipment and training many countries even the Pakistan which hadn’t received any vaccine appaluded India for its cooperation.

With the integration and cooperation of south asia, the south asian countries can easily make a way to get of the pandemics as we already saw that with the regional collaboration we made it possible.

Q2.How shall India play its role as a ‘big brother’ in the region?
Big brother who actually takes care of his younger ones and stood before them to help in emergencies or in danger situations, India called ‘the big brother’ by its neighbours took a stand during covid pandemic and supply them the vaccines, medicine, equipment and training.
It is further looking forward to help its neighbours. India think to provide visas for the doctors and nurses so that they can travel intimes of emergencies to the needy which is a great move of collaboration. By that we can share and exchange the ideas and research towards the pandemics and in various fields, by that we can share the power of centuries-old cultural and people-to-people linkages and the great nature of india which will be always there for the needy.

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Hi. Appreciation for your work. I want to give some feedback to you.
Kindly highlight how it’s revamp will help in integration. You have instead told the benefits of integration in conclusion.

It can be like South Asia is home to around 35 percent of the world population while it’s world trade share is not even 2 percent and also intra regional trade is very less. SAARC revamp would help coming togetherness of societies and building confidence and increment in trade and technology. The covid diplomacy is a welcome step in this direction.
I hope it helps you.

This has been a nice effort by you catering to the demand. Keep answering the questions and keep practising.

Hey nice efforts put by you.
Feedback - your answer structuring is good. Kindly stick to the demand ‘how revamp will integrate the region’. You have told the steps recently taken to help revamp the SAARC.

How it will integrate - by promoting trade and movement among the nations
Building confidence and enhancing security of the region
South Asia is least integrated region and SAARC defunct has major role in that
Highly diverse area will act as a symbol of unity in diversity.

Very nice efforts. Properly structured and catering to the demand of the question. Keep practising and keep answering. Excellent!

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Very nice efforts!! A well structured and good content answer. You have rightly depicted how India shall act towards individual countries. One aspect we can add is how it can act as a whole for south Asian region like being a big brother it can lead SAARC in a holistic manner and strengthen diplomacy institutions, shall integrate communication, energy and transportation in the region. Initiate trade enhancement among fellow countries. Keep practising. Well done!!

How will the SAARC revamp help in the integration of South Asia?
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is the regional intergovernmental organization in South Asia.

Objectives of SAARC

  1. To promote the welfare of the people of South Asia and to improve their quality of life.
  2. To accelerate economic growth, social and cultural development in the region and to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to realize their full potentials
    3 To promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among the countries of South Asia.
    4 mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of one another’s problems…
    5 To promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, social, cultural, technical and scientific fields.
    6 To strengthen cooperation with other developing countries.
    7 To strengthen cooperation among themselves in international forums on matters of common interests.
  3. To cooperate with international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes.

Low frequency of meetings: More engagement is required by the member states and instead of meeting biennial meetings should be held annually.
Broad area of cooperation leads to diversion of energy and resources.
Limitation in SAFTA: The implementation of SAFTA has not been satisfactory a Free Trade Agreement confined to goods, excluding all services like information technology.
Indo-Pak Relations: Escalated tension and conflict between India and Pakistan have severely hampered the prospects of SAARC.

SAARC as an organisation, reflects the South Asian identity of the countries. In a region increasing target by Chinese investment and loans, SAARC could be a common platform to demand more sustainable alternatives for development, or to oppose trade tariffs together, or to demand better terms for South Asian labour around the world.

Very nice efforts Nandini. Instead of expanding objectives too much you can include those points under heading ‘potential of SAARC to integrate’. Otherwise a good attempt. Keep it up.