China’s Cyber eye and India

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Recently it has been revealed that a stone panda named Chinese group is trying to hack India’s IT infrastructure so as to halt the manufacture of indigenous vaccines. Cyber threats have been increasing over the years in India.

Examine how cyber threat has been a real challenge for India and what steps government has taken in this respect. (10 marks, 150 words)

Indian express article 3rd March 2021

cyber attack.pdf (200.6 KB)

Hey the article is just for reference and recent issue. I have asked how the cyber threat is a real challenge for India and how has India decided to tackle with it. Please analyse the question and then write the answer. Thank you.

Sir could you please correct my mistakes .Thank you cyber Threats.pdf (2.0 MB)

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Note: With reference to article published in hindu paper.

Hey you have beautifully framed the answer. You can highlight IT Act 2000 under the steps also. Also agencies like NCCC and other cyber related organisations can be included. Keep it up. Keep practising.


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very nicely framed answer with broad keypoints. Can include CERT-in and Critical infrastructure under the steps taken. Keep it up.