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Hey very well structured answer. Presentation is also good. I would like to suggest please stick to the word limit. And try to put your points in less words. Use the key words like digitally disparity, economic inequality and explain them besides writing 3-4 lines in each point. You can do much better. Keep practising.

3.5/10 (due to excess words) otherwise 4/10.

Uma you have written a good answer. Presentation is very nice. World limit also fine. Try to analyse positive points of digital education also and then give conclusion whether India shall move digitally or not.
Keep practising.

3.5/10 (positive points missing) otherwise 4/10

Nice efforts. Presentation is good. True to include positive points also in the answer and then justify whether India shall move in this direction or not.

3/10 (try to include more points with facts)

Hey you always write a beautiful answer. Just try to stick to word limit. This would eat your time in mains where you have to attempt 20 questions. When critically analyse is there please give positive points also. You have supported your argument with facts that’s very nice.

4/10 ( if positives points also there and word limit 5/10)

Please send a clear image in right format.

Thankyou so much sir.
Sure sir, i will rectify sir.

Very nice articulation. Ishaq you out great efforts with data supplementation but please try to include More points in argument that will fetch you More marks.

If you find it difficult enlist your points in bullets rather than paragraph that give good impression of your content.


Nice efforts Sneha. You have presented both side arguments that very nice. Try to keep your intro short and include more points in the argument. Keep it up.


Try to analyse positive and negative aspects and give your conclusions. Work on presentation. It’s creating confusion. Keep practising.

Hey you have rightly attempted the answer. Please do state positives of digital education also and then analyse whether it’s good or bad for India. Keep practising

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Sir, please review my answer

forum.pdf (824.5 KB)

Please also tell should India go for online learning or not. Put on the arguments and give your conclusion. Try to explain the points and include the facts.

You have showed the drawbacks nicely. Please highlight positive aspects also. Analyse both and give a conclusion. Keep practising.

Sir, could you please go through it
Online Classes.pdf (523.5 KB)

Hey you have justified your stand in ample way. Try to include some facts as well like ASER report and others. Also enlist positive points of digital education. Keep practising.