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With the onset of the pandemic, education all over the world switched to an online mode but in developing countries, it was not the mode of choice due to digital and economic disparity. Try to answer the following question on this.

Is it feasible for a vast developing country like India with a huge disparity among its population to switch to online learning? Critically analyze. (10 marks, 150 words)

Note: kindly engage in peer-to-peer discussion to broaden your arguments and come up with a holistic answer.

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Intro is good and precise. Try to keep the answer in word limit. Broaden your argument for whether India shall switch to online or not with the facts like ASER report etc.

For this answer 2.5/10. Support your answer with facts and also broaden the argument. Keep practising.

You have presented the case study of Rajasthan only while the question is shall India as a whole move to online mode or not. Analyse the benefits and drawbacks with ample facts like ASER report.
Keep practising.

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Very nice efforts. A good read. It is a 250 word answer. Try to stick to the word limit. Nice presentation and conclusion. Keep it up.


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Very nice efforts. Plus point is you stuck to the word limit. Good organisation. Try to include more points with facts. Good conclusion.

3/10 (try to include more points)

Yash your answer appears as if I have asked about the government initiatives. Please read the question twice and present the argument with facts.
Like, with huge disparity in digital resources, economic disparity and social structure, India shall postpone moving to digital education. You can support facts from ASER report etc. keep practising.