As per option 1 , I have doubt regarding that in answer key it is shown up option 1 is also correct. But even highcourt should also be added in option then it would be correct because highcourt has its power as per article 226

That option is made according to the provisions of article 32(3).
Kindly notice that.


Yes, that’s why I’m asking why it is so?
When there is separate legal term for highcourt in article 226

Could you please elaborate your doubt.

In the Constitution itself , article 226 and article 32 gives legal sanction to high court and supreme court for giving writs.
Then why it is quoted like Parliament can give order to any courts for giving writs except supreme Court. It should be even included as supreme Court and highcourt too. Because high court also have separte power issuing writs as per article 226.
In 32 clause(3) also they mentioned like this. Why it’s so?
Is it to avoid any supremacy thoughts over one another or any other reason?