Article 30-Right of Minorities

Is n’t Recognition of Minority Educational Institutions for that matter any Educational Institution, by Central/State Government mandatory??
Why there is an option of Institution that do not seek recognition from State??

Your question is not clear. Please re-frame the question to be understood.

I believe Gayatri’s question is clear and valid one !

Why there is an option of Institution that do not seek recognition from State??

  • This option is given to the minorities to give them more freedom and liberty and thus equaling them with the majority of the state.

I found this:
Artical 30 states “Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions in the country”

These Minority institutions are of three types
1)Institutions that demand recognition as well as aid from the State
2)Institutions that demand only recognition from the State and not aid
3)Institutions that neither demand recognition nor aid from the State

1 & 2 types shall bound to follow the rules made by the states , whereas the 3rd type of institutions are free to administer their rules but they also have to follow general laws like ‘labour law, contract law, industrial law, tax law, economic regulations’, and so on.

On the other side, S.C also had interpreted the intention of this right.
Malankara Syrian Catholic College case (2007)
""The right conferred to minority communities under Article 30 is only to ensure equality with the majority and not intended to place the minorities in a more advantageous position.

There is no evidence of unconstitutional favour of minorities regarding the general laws of the land relating to national security, national interest, public order, social welfare, taxation, health, sanitation, and morality, etc., applicable to all, will equally apply to minority institutions also"".


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