Article-18, Abolishment of titles

Regarding the abolishment of titles based on birth, why can’t caste names be considered as titles. Since in some areas definitely caste gives an edge over others.

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Caste system definitely creates discrimination in the society and provides an edge for the higher castes but for this reason we can’t consider it as title and abolish it under Article 18.But we are addressing these differences in our constitution by means of positive discrimination I.e reservations and trying to achieve equality in the society.It is not that easy for complete eradication of caste system because it has traces from the ancient times and became more rigid with the time.But positive discrimination is a way forward to attain equality.


when backword classes peoples are educate their children , they definetly oppose the caste system like me…

Yes everyone is against the caste system.But we can’t abolish it at a stretch.It’s a time taking process and we wish to head towards a society with no differences.