Article 14-exception on President

There is a chance of misuse these Power,why did the constitution gave power to him/her.

President and Governor are the head of state for the nation and state respectively. They are also integral part of the parliament and state legislatures. In case, these protections were not provided to them during the office, the legislative functions could be affected which would not be favourable for the functioning of the nation. They can be tried after the leave the office because the institution of President and Governor is essential to maintain the integrity.

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Ok,but if president had done a mistake and he can cover those mistakes in his ruling period.constitution can’t gave justice to the people who had will become monarchical.

Its means like the time upto they are are at their office they enjoy this privileges.Suppose If they are unable to exercise their duty or they are out of their office for some couple of days,then they are not provided with the special privileges? And can be action taken against him with in these couple of days if he commits any offence?
And what will be his status after that? Will he going to enjoy his office again?

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